Software Testing: Why is it important?

Software Testing : Why is it important?

Human errors can cause a defect or failure at any stage of the software development life cycle. The results are classified as trivial or catastrophic, depending on the consequences of the error.

So the need for software testing arises, not just for detecting bugs but also for other aspects of a product. Software testing includes identifying defects, reducing flaws in the component or system, increasing the overall quality of the system. There can also be a requirement to perform proper software testing to comply with legal requirements or industry-specific standards. These standards and rules are necessary because for each kind of product development we need different techniques that must be compatible with it.

For a reliable and easy to use software product, software testing is essential. Developers have to make sure there is nothing wrong with their software product before delivering to the client. Also the product must be thoroughly tested and optimized to ensure reliability and performance for its operation.

For example, assume you are using a Net Banking application to transfer the amount to your friend's account. So, you initiate the transaction, get a successful transaction message, and the amount also deducts from your account. However, your friend confirms that his/her account has not received any credits yet. Likewise, your account is also not reflecting the reversed transaction. This will surely make you upset and leave you as an unsatisfied customer.

Now, the question arises, why did it happen? It is because of the improper testing of the net banking application before release. Thorough testing of the website for all possible user operations would lead to early identification of this problem. Therefore, one can fix it before releasing it to the public for a smoother experience.

Here are the top reasons why software testing is really important:

1. Help in saving money

The testing of software has a wide array of benefits. The cost-effectiveness of the project happens to be one of the top reasons why companies go for software testing service.

The testing of software comprises of a bunch of projects. In case you find any bug in the early phases, fixing them costs a reduced amount of money.

2. Security

It is considered to be the reason why people look for well tested and reliable products.There are a bunch of situations in which the information and details of the users are stolen and they are used for the benefits.

3. Quality of the product

Products should be serving the user in one way or the other. It is a must that it is going to bring value, as per the promise.Hence, it should function in a complete manner for ensuring an effective customer experience. It is also necessary to check the compatibility of the device.

4. Satisfaction of the Customer

Earning the trust of the client is certainly not an easy task.You yourself have used a lot of products and you surely had several horrible experiences owing to which you might have deleted the application.The first impression is really important and if you fail to give the same, users are going to find another product which will accomplish all the requirements.

5. Enhancing the development process

Software testers should be working with the development team parallelly, which is useful in the acceleration of the development procedure.

6. Easy while adding new features

The more interconnected and older the code, the more difficult it is to change.Tests counteract this calcification tendency by allowing developers to confidently add new features. This helps in making your software stand ahead in the market, and beat the competition.

7. Determining the performance of the Software

In case you introduce any software in the market without software testing and after this, the performance of the software does not meet the expectation or requirements of the clients, convincing people will be a hassle.

Thus, software testing is considered to be an easy option as it helps in the determination of the performance of the Software.

8. We all make mistakes

There is no such thing as a defect-free system, and we all make mistakes, especially developing a system that is complex. Developing software without testing is just a guessing game. When code is written and a set or piece of functionality is developed, it is important to test and verify that the system works as expected according to requirements.


Though testing itself costs money, companies can save millions per year in development and support if they have a good testing technique and QA processes in place. Early software testing uncovers problems before a product goes to market. A software product that meets or even exceeds customer expectations leads to potentially more sales and greater market share.

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