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Our Mission

Our mission is to give the best available solutions of the greatest quality, assisting businesses in your growth and expansion. We want to be a part of your success.

Our Story

XOTECH started out as a software development outsourcing company but soon switched to staff augmentation – a model that allows clients to have more control over recruitment, the development process, and team culture while XOTECH takes care of every other aspect of having a cross-functional remote team.

We quickly realized that the future would belong to remote work. Direct access to new locations and diverse tech expertise enables companies to deliver cutting-edge products while solving the problem of local talent shortages.

Tech specialists feel more motivated working with the customer directly and being a part of an international product development team.



Startups are a fun place to work because of the work culture. There are so many new ideas and concepts. The project requirements also keep changing and this is why we have a flexible working model, especially for startups.


Small Businesses:

Passionate small business owners sometimes have the brightest ideas for their apps. We love catering to each and every need of our passionate clients. We work with them to reach their goals by building the best apps and software.


Mid Market:

The medium-sized businesses are on the way to becoming enterprises. We understand the requirements that would help them in this journey. We build custom solutions, suiting their needs making it easier to become the next big name.



Big enterprises need to keep growing and manage their daily business processes. We develop solutions ranging from mobile apps, CRM solutions, HRMS solutions to production processing solutions for running the business seamlessly.

Client Focus

Business Model

Dedicated Hiring Model

  • Greater efficiency

  • Acquire more domain expertise

  • Flexibility

  • High cost

The dedicated hiring model is generally used for longer projects. This model is viewed as the best model of commitment. This model is ideal when you want a specific skill for your requirements or when you already have a team and want someone talented to join you and work on your project and helps your project adapt the changes that we face and implement in the project as we go along.

Fixed Price Model

  • Fixed cost

  • Low-risk business model

  • Reliability

  • Clearly specified timelines

Fixed price business model is an ideal choice for a small project or when requirements are really urgent. It is well suited when the requirements are predefined and the scope of the project is clear. We analyze the requirements and give the estimated budget and the time frame. 

Time & Material Model

  • Transparency

  • Unclear requirements

  • Long term projects

  • Flexibility

The time & material model is used when the project is of a long term. This model is more effective at a stage when the projects tend to require more support at bug fixing, testing, and you also require multi-skilled resources to work on your project. This model is flexible because you can change your requirements quite freely. 

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